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You can also look at the Japanese website with your children. You can show your children the Japanese culture. It is also recommended for you to download the Japanese learning music or to buy the CD to listen in the car. Ask your children to sing the songs everyday since it will help them to learn the words quickly. After listening to the music, you can ask your children to memorize the words from the song itself. It is even better if you can have the discussion related to the meaning of the words.

The J in the Spanish language can be tricky also. The J is most often pronounced as either the way a W sound in the English pronunciation or sounds like the English H.

The same thing happens with word stress. A native speaker of English pronunciation and vocabulary building knows whether you mean the place where the president of the United States lives, or a house that is painted white when you say "white house". Similarly when you say "dark room", you mean either a room with no lights on, or the place where a photographer develops film. It is the word stress (which has certain rules that you will learn in other articles) that makes the difference.

Stimulate your child's verbal skills! When you encourage your child to pick up a book instead of sit in front of the television, his reading will require him to develop his essential verbal skills. It includes both the understanding when reading and your reasoning ability as you read or write. You are essentially vocabulary building up your vocabulary.

Both the f and v sounds are produced by placing the top teeth lightly on the lower lip and blowing. To change the f to a v sound, the voice must be turned on. When you are making this sound correctly, you will feel your throat vibrate if you place your hand on it. Try saying fan and van.

If possible, hire a tutor. Books and CDs can be great. But a tutor can help you in ways that a book or CD cannot. Tutors are usually fluent in the languages that they teach. They should be able to teach you about specific dialects within the language.

Substituting long e for short I - This vowel confusion is very common, but learning both vowels will go a long way in making your speech more understandable. Practice saying word pairs like sheep/ ship, deep/dip, beet/bit, seat/sit, and sleep/slip.