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You'll make more money when you genuinely try to help people rather than just look for a quick buck. In order to make REALLY BIG MONEY in this online business, you need to focus on promoting products that offer high commissions from high ticket affiliate programs. Once they have given their e-mail, they become part of your list of leads that you can build your relationship with by giving more valuable newsletters and advice and offering them your wide range of products you are promoting. If you are the jack of all traded in your business, you will get no sleep and most of all the quality of service you will give to your clients will be half-hearted. From a low ticket entry MTTB affiliate, high ticket licensee programs, courses, and most of all customer services! Once your start marketing high ticket affiliate programs you'll never look back.

Besides the regular affiliate announcements for the program where they tell you about special sales events and other WP Engine affiliate related stuff, the affiliate team will assign you an affiliate manager who will send you an email every now and again to see how your promotions are going and to remind you that you can always directly reach someone at WP Engine if you need anything. The affiliate program offers a 200% bounty meaning that you get paid two times the customer's initial monthly fee. Their prices range from $27 per month to $179 per month so you get anywhere from $58 per sale to $358 per sale depending on which plan the customer chooses.

This alone can bring you the huge commissions if you creatively embed your affiliate link at strategic pages inside the report. The truth is that if you lure people into your list without educating/informing them on what they should expect, you're already on your way to failing. Don't just get people to opt in to your list, create a powerful and trustworthy impression the first time. If you create the notion that they're going to be receiving free information at all times, when you eventually try to recommend an affiliate product, they'll ignore it and even unsubscribe.

If you're looking for a little more niche" specific affiliate marketing programs - try Google searching your niche + affiliate program." For example - if my niche or target market was people interested in basketball - I could easily do a quick Google search of this…. Sign up for The AffilioLabs Newsletter For The Best Affiliate Marketing Training, Coaching, Templates, and more! Most people don't find success from their own blog, because they don't know how to properly optimize it and generate leads that will turn into sales, however this can be done if you choose. It is worth the time and energy for the sponsor because they get the 1st sale passed up to them.

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If you're new to affiliate marketing and you don't know where to start or you don't know high ticket products from a hole in the ground, you should start by joining Affilorama This free training program has more than 120 videos that will show you how to get started making money online. Simply put, Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs" will change your Internet marketing business forever and for the best, PERIOD!