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Hi Barry,

Thanks :)

Google Webmaster Tools takes weeks to show new links. This is purposefully done to keep SEOs from gaming and discovering how quickly google sees and crawls links. Ahrefs or Magestic SEO will give a more accurate picture much quicker than google webmaster tools.

Barry, please make sure you are optimizing all your pages being submitted for the keywords being used. The biggest mistake I see everyday is the assumption that if you just build enough links anchored with certain keywords that you will eventually rank for those keywords.... that is 100% false.

Google is a database that gives out search results based on queries from the user with he results being calculated by its sorting and ranking algorithms. To be a search result though any page (and your site homepage is just another page as far as google is concerned), needs to be registered in google as being "about" a certain topic. This is done via your onpage optimization of title tags, and then to a lesser extent heading tags, content, images, internal link anchors, etc. But the title tag by far and away what determines what that page is technically capable of ranking for, and then backlink information confirms this, and allows you to start outranking other pages which are already ranking for that term.

One of the most important things to understand is that if you want to start ranking separate terms, you need to have separate pages optimized for ranking those terms.

An example that shown this in action is if you do a google search for "gift ideas" now that's a huge keywords, so you can expect huge sites to be ranking it, and they are. But notice something? For most entries it's not the homepage of the site that is ranking.... it's a special "gifts" or "gift ideas" category page, that has been specially set up and optimized for that term that is ranking.

These are all factors you really need to apply into your campaign and strategy if you want to get results via SEO.

The links I just built, will give you credibility for those terms in google's eyes, and will help with rankings for the titles of the pages you already have as they are niche related, and all links will aid in the ranking of a page for what it is optimized to rank for, but you have to ask yourself, how many people are actively searching for the keyword "does shakira sound better singing in english or in spanish" or even for "speeksy" .... because those are the only keywords that will be ranking on those pages.

Just some food for thought. The site set up and configuration is much more important than any link building you will ever do when it comes to SEO. As will be your keyword research and choosing terms with which to configure, your site. Terms that are not monstrous in scope like "online dating" that are way out of reach.

Best regards.