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Audio books can work perfectly along side published books for children that have understood the fundamentals of reading but must build... Audiobooks have become more and more common as people who have no time to sit back and read a book take advantage of iPods and MP3 players to hear the latest bestseller while they hurry through their everyday lives. Where is the spot of audio books for kids though, at the same time when were struggling to encourage literacy for all and encourage kids to read? Audio books could work well along with printed books for kids that have grasped the basic principles of reading but need to develop language. They may sit back using the printed book and follow the text as they pay attention to it being read on the CD or MP3 download. Not merely does the reading aloud bring the story to life, at the same time when slowness of reading skills can frustrate children when theyre trying to find out a story line, however it ensures that they can handle harder vocabulary than they may otherwise be able to. Hearing a book read aloud as an audio book shows them the correct pronunciation of words which may otherwise be difficult to work out from the complexities of English spelling. By listening to the same story over and over as children want to do, they can memorize it and may suddenly realize that they can actually read the published book with the help of their memory. As word identification increases this soon equals real reading. Of course if parents have time to read aloud to their kids this is important in developing a love of reading, but today when we are hard-pressed to find the time for more than a fast bed-time tale, audio books give us still another way of satisfying our childrens demand for more stories and give them the love of good books and the determination to learn to read themselves. I do not believe that audio books must replace reading to your children, nothing can be a lot better than snuggling up to Mom or Dad around the couch, nevertheless they can complement reading time when Mom or Dad are too busy to sit down still!. Still another excellent way to use mp3 audiobooks for children is on long car journeys. Just take along a few favorite audio books as MP3 packages and as long as each child has his own MP3 player you can get through hours of tedious operating with barely an issue! I truly do recommend that all child must have their own system however. Navigating To my mavis beacon probably provides warnings you can use with your friend. In the event that you expect them to use the car CD system youll find yourself listening to countless squabbles over what to listen to next. Either that o-r you will be screaming with boredom because they repeat the exact same favorite story for your ninety-ninth time! The huge range of books accessible as audio books, from Harry Potter to Roald Dahl, means that theres something for unlimited variety and each generation, from the classics like Winnie the Pooh and the Narnia series to the latest Philip Pullman. If you want to build up a collection of kids audio books in a inexpensive way consider joining an online audio book team, where for an acceptable monthly payment you can download a number of books each month, in accordance with your account program. Your only problem is going to be in resisting the attractive books on offer for people and heading up to the kids area!.