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If you have read my other articles regarding choices to make when buying an HDTV, then you are already well on your way to making an informed purchase. The next few articles will cover each type of HDTV set that is commonly available today. This first article will cover LCD TVs or Liquid Crystal Display TVs. If you are scanners interested in other types of HDTV sets, please refer to my other articles covers the sets that are of particular interest to you.

But the bottom line is that, even as I type this column on my laptop's QWERTY keyboard (like the one on the Royal 440 manual typewriter on which I learned touch-typing more than 40 years ago), I have to recognize that keyboards are going away. They are vanishing from smartphones, as Blackberry maker RIM is discovering to its corporate sorrow. They are vanished from tablets, and the day is probably coming when most computers will incorporate touch screens and voice recognition, with vestigial keyboards that will eventually wither away.

However, color touch devices do more, and they do it in color. One can read magazines, illustrated children's books, color newspapers, play games, and surf the internet with these devices.

The final benefit is that for some people their computer screen is actually bigger than their TV and has a better picture. Most people enjoy big computer monitors so that they are able to do many things from picture and video editing, to watching movies on them. Also, most LCD computer monitors come with better picture quality than TV's.

Big Images - Big, high resolution images have always looked good, but for a long time there were a variety of bottlenecks, including low internet speeds as well as low resolution monitors which made it a bad idea to incorporate them in a site. Well, most people today have enough bandwidth to download reasonably fast images quite fast, and display quality has only improved, so go ahead, and make your site look good.

Hopefully this series has helped you understand a little more about the basics of smart phones. If you have further questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via e-mail.