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31001 Prototype and F-35C were analyzed in order to look for more valuable information. November 9, the Chinese J-31 "falcon Eagle" fighter training off again, this time F-31 issued a "black smoke" struggling to fly. Roll, side fly, big overload endless maneuvering flight maneuvers, etc., to meet the audience. (Photo: doors wide)Cost and impact on the standardization compromise the F-35C The end of the Cold War, the US Navy began looking for an alternative F-14 carrier-based fighter, and the inclusion of the Air Force's ATF program in 1986.

plans to develop NATF based fighter on the basis of the ATF, the Air Force also accepted as an alternative Navy A-6 developed ATA (A-12) project. By economic constraints, plus the reason the Cold War, the US government interrupted in 1990 appropriations for NATF, forcing the Navy terminated the project in 1991, ATA also because of economic and technical problems interrupted Development. To replace aging have serious and costly use of F-14 and A-6, the Navy chose the F / A-18C on the basis of major changes in the F / A-18E / F, and was forced to abandon the traditional twin fighter equipment technical requirements, the next-generation carrier-based multirole fighter fused to the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project, which is now starting to get the F-35C carrier-based multirole fighter. F-35 at the design stage to take into account the requirements of multi-purpose combat and combat tactics as a tactical function of focus.

internal bomb bay space and the design load range selected quite Gao standard, the result is a single large-thrust engine F-35, the body-sectional dimension than even preclude the use of twin-engine F-22A large push bigger, we can see, F-35 series of the body's internal space is very large. According to the US military disclosed the news, F-35A in the second half of the oil (40% of the approximately 3.3 tons) combat load (two ATM-120C) state, the thrust to weight ratio and wing loading unit with three generations (two-seater) similar maneuver sex can reach Su -27SK standards, agility and high angle of attack stability and more than three generations of machines, although it is not the comprehensive combat capability and F-22A compared against three generations but still able to meet the requirements of air superiority aircraft.

stealth design also has contribute to the achievement of pre-emptive tactical initiative, to close combat in the 33 km of enhanced electronic countermeasures system performance. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Analysis of F-35 in accordance with the developer Lockheed Martin for the future combat environment, the future of air combat in the war more than 33 kilometers from the BVR combat proportion accounted for 62% of 15-33 km range strike 31% within 15 km Melee proportion only 7% actually enter the ATM-120C proportion inferior area within 2 km of very small, not worth paying the price set fighting bomb bay. The combat environment may have conceived the company's own subjective intentions,christian louboutin pas cher, but JSF design program also does reflect the corresponding features. JSF stressed the load range and long-range air combat, air combat capability appropriate to give up short-range combat, F-22A which had backed the Air Force will not bring any trouble. US Marines replaced by F-35B AV-8B.

has also been integrated more capable equipment, it can be considered a satisfactory result. US Navy F-35C as the new main carrier-based fighter aircraft lack melee capability and long-range interceptor flight performance, which once owned fleet of Air Force F-14 is a big shock. The design of the F-35C, in addition to the requirements of the US Navy carrier-based air carrier to take appropriate structural and aerodynamic design, but also require a significant increase of its external weapons load conditions. Although the increase of external weapon load can improve operational equipment requirements, but to strengthen external weapons requires stealth fighter, and as an important tactical operations equipment selection, apparently to let the US Navy is a very suck things. In the three models in the series JSF, F-35C maximum takeoff weight, the largest wing area, internal fuel load and the greatest range. F-35C and F-35A body is basically the same, from the F-35A wingspan of 10.7 meters to 13.1 meters, although an increase of only 22%, but the same wing of the wing area increased to 57.6 from 42.7 square meters square meters, much larger than the 35% increase in exhibition long. To accommodate the expanded wings and folding outer wing of the requirements, F-35C to F-35A-piece flaperon from the folded section is divided to form two flaps and ailerons inside of the outer structure, which changes with the Soviet Union - the same evolution of 27S and Su -27K. F-35C's internal fuel load of 9.07 tons, compared with 8.3 tons F-35A to be higher. F-35C in the wing area increased after the lift can improve performance, both to meet the ship catapult takeoff speed requirements.

also received better subsonic stable hovering performance, but under certain circumstances the engine thrust, increased machine wing area is bound to affect the transonic and supersonic flight performance.


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but the process can be described as difficult. In this regard, passenger management office staff Zhang Ji said that if Guo hit the car to ask for the invoice, so do not bother laborious. According to "Dahe" report & Gt; & gt; lawyer Missing items have difficulty filing The police can help obtain surveillance Beijing Longan Law Firm Yinfu Jiang said that police generally against security incidents and criminal cases will be filed. If people lost property, and no evidence that they are being stolen, basically does not belong to security incidents and criminal cases. Therefore, the public needs to have difficulty filing the police station, only to register for lost items. However, if not on file, the police station was informed that the public lost property, from the reasonable point of view, should do their best to help people looking for property. Because the police can be called to take the entire video surveillance, compared with the public, a unique condition to find things. However, to help people find their own property is not police work; the most likely way or try to find people using their own conditions. Yinfu Jiang said that if people in the public picked up the missing items should be returned to the owner as soon as possible. If the owner refused to demand the return of property, people will pick up the property may be suspected of unjust enrichment, are violations. As the amount of property to a certain amount (around different rules, Beijing is more than 5,000) who will pick up the property may be suspected of embezzlement, facing criminal being chased. Jinghua Times reporter Hanlin Jun (Original title: Woman Zhengzhou lost LV bag "Scout" boyfriend back) EdVideo loading, please wait .. AutoPlay & nbsp; play laser fly screen capture first forward backward to shoot photos use can detect single photons of ultra high-speed cameras, scientists captured the first laser flying in the air picture . Test modeHow do you take a snapshot.

you can see the light coming in the air? According to the "New Scientist" (New Scientist) 27 reported use can detect single photons, ultra-high-speed camera 20 billion per second, scientists for the first time to capture the laser flying in the air picture. Within 10 minutes, the researchers recorded 200 million times laser pulse generated when photons collide with air. The technology can be used to inspect the environment corner, not visible on the display screen object, it can also be used in precision measurement time information required place. Watt University, Scotland,christian louboutin, principal investigator of Hurley said: "This is the first time we see light through the case around the time." Under normal circumstances, scientists can only be seen by reflected light on the object. I would like to see the laser emitted by the laser is more difficult, because the photon beam moves in focus, and direction are the same. Hurley Watt University, Jonathan Leach explained that they studied the speed of light shoot camera can record the light pulse in the air in the process. Camera combines the principle of pulse laser source. In the video, recorded in the photon light pulses in the air. Ridge said, one can see the reflection of photons in a series of mirrors. When the light pulse collisions with air molecules, will be randomly scattered photons, these photons are some of the camera shot down. Richie said: "Light consists of photons, the speed of 300 million meters per second, there is nothing to run faster than light photons flying so fast, ordinary cameras can not take their sport and us. The new camera is extremely sensitive and fast, can shoot a single photon, when they travel in the air, but also to record light pulses. "The camera developed by the University of Edinburgh.

the photosensitive member by a single photon photosensitive array of pixels. These pixels there are two characteristics: First, the ability of a single photon sensitivity - sensitivity of each pixel is about 10 times the human eye; the second is their speed - Each pixel is activated as long as 67 picoseconds (trillion per second), than the human eye blink of time to nearly 10 billion times. "These features allow us to achieve 'fly light imaging'." Ritchie said, when the light in the air, scattering from the object off when this imaging method even light itself can shoot down. Richie said: "Light consists of photons, the speed of 300 million meters per second, there is nothing to run faster than light photons flying so fast, ordinary cameras can not take their sport and us. The new camera is extremely sensitive and fast, can shoot a single photon, when they travel in the air, but also to the light pulse recording. " The camera developed by the University of Edinburgh, the photosensitive member by a single photon photosensitive array of pixels.


small room became a kite "Exhibition . " "The house does not fit, I will accumulate in the hallway." Kang uncle said, these kites are made of him personally, and many there are over 200. Reporters saw these kites really refined, even some simple, are barricaded "skeleton" traditional bamboo, with a paper or plastic "meat", through needle stitching, spliced into a triangle shape kite, and then paint color painting on the kite conduct, which make the material more than the old umbrella cloth, advertising plastic film waste materials. "After retirement day doing nothing, also found that kite flying was fun, wanted simply to make their own kites." Tang uncle said that after 66 years of retirement, he became fascinated with making kites, kite making it yourself. "Weight on both sides of the kite.

the length of the line shaking, very important." Speaking of the process of making a kite, Kang uncle 93-year-old flight, although he could not do it because of eye cataracts kite, kite do but step heart by heart. 93-year-old insisted kite flying every day Kang uncle said, produced a kite fastest 10 days, some even spend a month. Reporters saw Kang uncle largest kite in the room about four meters and a width of 1.7 meters. A room full of kites are Kang uncle baby, but most make him happy is your own kite can fly into the sky. "One day Chaotianmen go fly a kite, I felt uncomfortable." Kang uncle said, the early years, he went every day with his wife porcelain mouth, Chaotianmen, eggplant River and other places to fly a kite, with increasing age , his wife's body is getting worse, he will Chaotianmen to a fixed point, every morning and go fly a kite. "Summer 5:00 am departure, winter 7:00 start again." Kang uncle said, every day he spent three to four hours to fly a kite, kite Friends come and go around, and only so many years, has always insisted Kite flying in Chaotianmen. Speaking of fun flying kites.

Kang uncle laughing, "just like the kite can appreciate the joy of kite flying." "Little was able to fly a kite km altitude, like a bird." Kang uncle said, looking to produce their own kites in two thousand meters high altitude, heart like eating sweet as honey. "Just feel they have changed 'live' it!" Kang uncle said, every day flying kites also exercise his body, though already Mackerels back over the year, but no disease themselves out of danger. I want to fly together over 200 kites "These kites are doing with me and his wife, I could not bear to lose." Kang uncle said that although the family has many kite dusty, become worn, but he is still tinkering with them, even if they can no longer fly the sky. It turned out that in April this year, Jia Kang uncle's wife died of illness mother, Kang uncle only one person out of every day to fly a kite. Kang uncle said that he and his wife are neighbors in the same community, the two of his wife's death in the early years, they married in 1997, to accompany the old Twilight Love. "She was as simple, capable, home away from home all manage well." Kang uncle recalled that his wife is his "good wife", often to help him along the way to make a kite, threading the needle of the job is his wife single-handedly. "I ones to fly a kite, she went with me." Kang uncle said, accompanied by 16 years years, his wife has been following him around, and now his wife died, he could only fly kites, to express his wife's thoughts. "Kite flying higher, perhaps from her more recent ..." Kang uncle said that although the family Kite are "dusty" a long time, but he always had a wish, it is able to do himself and his wife of more than 200 kites flying together. Kite witness two Twilight Love Jia mother's eldest daughter, Ms Pang said the mother in later years to find their own happiness, which made three daughters are very happy, they also had the Kang uncle as his father.

the two together to make a kite, kite flying has become a family story story. "An old married couple also avant-garde than the young, are holding a day before hand it out to fly a kite!" Ms. Peng said kite into two elderly witness of love, and after his mother died, his father still insisted to go fly a kite every day Chaotianmen . "The old man has his own ideas and wishes, as children, we should understand and support." Ms. Peng said that although worried father was very old, often out of insecurity, but they understand the importance of kite father, so quietly supporting the elderly I hope he can live each day happily and healthily. & Nbsp; (EdiWang Hu Huanshu will help push the outdoors, breathable paper yesterday, Fuling District, Hu Huanshu being taken care of Wang help text for the elderly. Reporter dragon in full cameraThis year 62-year-old Hu Huanshu Fuling District People's Hospital nursing workers, 64-year-old Wang to help wen is a paraplegic patient, the past 30 years, Hu Huanshu meticulous care of Wang help text. Today, the two feelings is worth siblings. Yesterday morning, told reporters on the phone, "Wang brother in the day, I'll go take care of." In case of paralyzed patients good "sister" Wang help text is outside the Fuling District Jiangbei Liang village streets,pjs doudoune, never married, 27 years old, he was home at the time of the construction of reservoirs, submerged earth and rock landslides, caused by paralysis of the lower limbs, followed by the production team to the Fuling District People's Hospital. One to the hospital, Wang help text is no longer left paralyzed in bed for 37 years. After a stable condition, the hospital arranged for him two bungalows, easy to him to see a doctor for treatment. Before experiencing , we had eight people to help take care of Wang Wen daily diet, but they did not dry long, or because of care, low, or because of other reasons too tired to care.


this is a grown very handsome young mother, holding her arms was born four month-old daughter Sisi, although Sisi is small, but has been meeting "Yiyi Ya Ya" and the people "greet" the. Sisi's face from yellow, yellow eyes can be seen, the children's health problems. Bell Run will Sisi's clothes off, painfully touched Sisi belly. Reporters saw, Sisi's belly swollen, like a little ball. "Baby suffered, when the mother is the most worried." Yesterday, Bell Run a bit tired, she is almost 24 hours without leave to take care of Sisi. Had a happy family, because of her daughter's illness broke. Speaking of things from child birth, Sisi was born on March 20, was born big eyes, a small mouth, like a father. See the whole family gave birth to a lovely daughter, were very pleased. "She is the daughter of the house entirely.

although limited family conditions, but always try to give her the best." Chung Yun said, can not last, the child's abnormal for the whole family Jiuqi heart. Sisi not the full moon, it looks different from other normal children, her stomach is not only growing, but also became hard, his face yellow. . "We feel right, sending their children to the hospital immediately," said Bell Run, diagnostic results shocked the whole family, contemplates a variety of disease: cholangitis, biliary atresia, biliary cirrhosis. "Sisi always laughing and told me how willing" The news is a bolt from the blue. "We have no such family from illness, the child how you have it?" Sisi Grandma Lee is handicapped, and grandfather also laid off early, there is no income. A man in the cell building opened a grocery store, and sometimes cook lunch near sell household income just to maintain daily expenses. Since Sisi after her daughter pregnant.

it did not work out. Reporters saw Lee's hands were deformed joints, unable to work. Ms. Lee said, Sisi's father has also had to learn every evening in Tianwan markets odd jobs to help people move goods, the monthly income of about 1,000 yuan. "At first I tried to persuade Bell Run and relatives giving up altogether, after all, limited home conditions, the couple still young, they want to face reality." Ms. Lee said that they had consulted a doctor, such a situation must be done liver Sisi transplant surgery, the surgery has some risk, family is very worried, says Bell Run refused to give up anything. "Sisi favorites laughing, always laughing, when the mother how I willing to give up." Bell Run holding Sisi, constantly feeling the child's small head, and contemplates the happy smile. "I'm willing to cut part of his liver to his daughter." Chung Yun said, because Sisi's father has a fatty liver, is not suitable for this surgery, she is willing to do the surgery and give it a go. "I hope to have good people to help me." Bell Run multi-contact learned by surviving liver transplant is hope of cure, which also brought a glimmer of hope to the family. To see her daughter's insistence, Lee has also been moved. "I was Mom, I can not understand how her daughter to save the child's mood, but ... just distressed my daughter." Lee's eyes moist, she told reporters, if you really need to do this surgery, she had to own a house mortgage. "Only this way, can not let the children alone to bear." Ms. Lee said she joint deformity, eat a few hundred dollars each month to maintain the drug later in life can only take one step up. Bell Run contacted Shanghai Renji Hospital, hoping to go to Shanghai to surgery. The hospital said, do pro-donor liver transplant, and the family must provide proof of mother-daughter relationships. Shangqingsi police station residence police learned in the circumstances of Sisi.

on the day of the mother and child open to proof. Chung Yun said they tentatively scheduled for early August to submit relevant evidence and Shanghai do first "pair." "There is still relatively little baby, the doctor said to do best to wait after this kind of surgery over the six-month baby." Zhong Yun said that if everything goes well, the transplant should be performed before and after October. Chung Yun said, even if it is a little hope that she would not give up, "we hope there are good people in the community can help this child, she was four months to the world, I really do not want her." Chung Yun said. Expert Without a liver transplant to survive difficult baby Southwest Hospital, Dr. Ke Luqian Hepatobiliary introduction, biliary atresia is not a genetic disease, but congenital anomalies. Biliary atresia is caused by cirrhosis, liver radical way the baby will be replaced, if not treated, the baby is not growing up. Dr. Lu Qian said that if the surgery went well and without complications.

as long as the baby has been taking anti-rejection drugs, is the same as a normal child can grow smoothly. & Nbsp; (EdiBEIJING, Dec. 16 Puyang Electric (Jia Barbara) in Puyang County, Henan Province,barbour lyon, a 65-year-old retired deputy director Ren Zongyu, fifteen years for community residents to clean public toilets, was not even in the name of non-profit, frankly just "good for one day to live another day." Today, the reporter walked into the bungalow living cell Renzong Yu, although there is a family member courtyard.


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you can be proud to go home." Home in Ziyang she said admiringly, if able to get the shuttle bus tickets, the company will send Hao handlebar own to the door, very face. But she was able to get his own "five-day annual leave ticket" is also very satisfied, "This is just great, you can play more than five days at home, some people envy me yet." Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Cha Jingjing and Zhang Man There is this question Late impunity affect the company's management it? Company: work must be completed in a specified time Pumped "late ticket" will not develop the habit of being late staff is not conducive to the normal management of the company? Wang, head of the company's technology, said the company has many employees distant place to live, a day spent on the road a long time, sometimes late because of traffic congestion, leading to a month of perfect attendance bonus is deducted, it is a pity. In addition, the "late vouchers" use is also conditional, one late time must be less than half an hour; one is using the "late vouchers" employees must complete its work within the allotted time. Multifarious - The most interesting prize --- leading private promotions Shanghai, a public relations firm's annual meeting, several executives of private companies donated several special awards. There is a special cook leader.

providing the love box two; there is a boss in Qingpu have a house, 5 people can go to the free spending a night ... The most interesting is to have a leadership provided is Valentine's Day double feast, drawn employees can share a romantic dinner with your partner. - The most domineering luxury sports car prize --- These days there is a print of "the company annual meeting process," table on the microblogging heat transfer, stated on this form to third place are a luxury sports car, plus a bonus 50,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. - The most frustrating prize --- a dinner with the boss A netizen in micro-blog wrote: one prize is drawn, the last award was finally announced, I was drawn, and then the host announced: the prize is the company boss and a dinner together. - Most nonsensical scratchcard prize --- A surfers Replies said the company group of lottery, known as one pumped 120,000 award, open envelopes look, the result is scratch cards, after winning against to get 120,000. Whimsical What you want to award 2012? If the annual lottery in our unit had a similar prize, what do you want? Chengdu Business Daily Edit Shao Zhou Bo said: typos to the point, to me "20 typos Impunity ticket" on the forum; Chengdu Business Daily Edit Deng pennant just say: As a food goods, I wanted to "free canteen to eat 30 times"; Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Zhang Manshui: Want "5 points omissions Free coupons"; Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Chen Ranyue: To "swap positions with leading tour"; Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Xu Yuan and Yuan Yue: Want "massage vouchers" may designate any person I have a massage; Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Li Boshui: Give me a "double card" award wages doubled.

an error penalties are doubled. Share: welcome to comment I want to comment Microblogging Recommended | today's hot micrHuang Shun. � Tianfuzaobao reporter Chen Jun Yesterday, after a year of preparation, senior students in reading Huang Shun official from Chengdu to Beijing. In Beijing, he will follow the 30th Antarctic Great Wall Station expedition Batch 4 expeditions to the Antarctic. In this expedition by the university professors, researchers and other research institutions composition, he is the only undergraduate. According to schedule, Huang Shun to arrive at the South Pole on January 30 to January 31 late morning, this time coincided with the Chinese New Year's Eve. This is Wong Shun 20 years away from home for the first time the New Year. Luggage? Simple School supplies Notebook computers, various data book, camera Featured gifts Sichuan specialties and snacks, such as beef jerky, spicy tofu, etc., to the South Pole as a gift Sichuan Xiaoqi Special carrying Sichuan University Xiaoqi, ready to show to the Antarctic Dream? Great Research Project Plan to do a study on the technical and economic management, and ultimately on the form report, submitted to the State Oceanic Administration Looking for cooperation Looking for opportunities in the Antarctic cooperation with other scientists Display style Visit the Great Wall station near several foreign research station, its Sichuan and schools New Year's Eve trip reached the South Pole, will be two months at the Great Wall Station January 27 afternoon, the reporter saw at Sichuan University campus Huang Shun, he was planning to go to the store shopping,pjs doudoune, look also for this tour Antarctic trip to buy something.


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but was Qin Xiaojie Lee entanglement. Lee is divorced, and his ex-wife to have children. It is alleged that Lee Sun Deguo entangled because his ex-wife, then retaliation spur of the moment. The evening of August 12 last year, Li Qin Xiaojie knowing want revenge, still learning to drive in the name of Lee drove the band to a railway station near Tianjin Jixian. Meanwhile, Lee's whereabouts will inform Sunde Guo, trailing Lee Sun Deguo car ride vehicles, and together with Zhao Li who prepared the screwdriver, ho after beating Lee, Lee drove away from the scene. Lee witnessed being beaten Sunde Guo Qin Xiaojie based upon instructions, driving to follow. Lee was taken to the nearby village in Pinggu District, Sun Deguo again hold ho Lee hit the head and face, causing his head injury. Last August 14, Sunde Guo and the others are Beijing police seized and brought to justice. Claiming to be extorted 200.

000 yuan "We discuss things remarry, but Lee intervention." According to Sunde Guo said Qin Xiaojie told him that Lee knew they wanted to remarry had been harassing her, wanted Qin Xiaojie with him. As for the specific interaction between the two men to what extent, I would not know. said that last August 11 in the evening, he and and daughter eating at the night market, Qin Xiaojie leave after receiving Lee's phone, after Lee with phone and talk to him. "He said he gave Qin Xiaojie money, so I want to remarry and Qin Xiaojie have to give him 200,000, or put my family ruined." Sunde Guo said that evening, he sent his ex-wife and children came home to find Lee standing downstairs,abercrombie italia, they scared to live in a small hotel. Since then, Qin Xiaojie told Sunde Guo, Lee continued to call harassment and threats, she put forward out of fear not remarried. At this time, Sun Deguo initiation of revenge thinking. His ex-wife denies prior knowledge Qin Xiaojie his trial that she and Lee are met online.

met three or four months, just ordinary friendships, and the other did not spend any money for her. Lee is very supportive of her previous remarried, but see the two faces, he would not agree to life and death, but also threatened her family and children. said the incident that night, Lee to her residence and has been entangled want to have sex with her, and she was afraid of hurting the baby, so I agreed to go out. Send text messages in order to allow Sun Deguo to take care of the children, and he is not clear Sunde Guo trailing car and beat Lee. Sunde Guo's lawyer believes that Sun Deguo indirect intentional homicide, and help the police arrested Zhao Li belong meritorious service, while the victims of wrongdoing, the proposed sentences. Trial, Lee's ex-wife as a criminal with civil agents made more than 50 million in economic damages. Morning News reporter Yan Fei (EdiSouthern News reporter Guo Ruichuan her husband who came to Shenzhen IKEA selection of furniture, Ikea male employees also lost their candid skirts private parts. Someone's male employees were caught, it has been held in administrative detention by the police. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Yin IKEA, IKEA requires an explanation and an apology to be. IKEA said it was the personal behavior of employees, IKEA has dismissed the employees. The woman in front of her husband's face, he had boldly photographed According to Yin introduction, June 12 at noon, he and his wife Ms. Liu to IKEA to buy cabinets, then came with a total of forty-five relatives. In the shopping process, Yin found a male employee holding a cell phone to shoot in the distance. Since IKEA more people, Mr. Yin was not sure at first and the other is in the shooting Miss Liu. "But I find it very strange that the employee has been with us, and away from my wife getting closer." Yin said, then he would rely on my wife.

squatted pretending to organize the cabinet, the other a hand holding a cell phone into my wife's dress went under. Also throw away a cell phone, he wants to muddle through "After that I saw.


in 2000, Chen launched a couple of social forces, the local 7 Qichun Wuhan Private teacher received a number of key school to visit and study. "I hope mountain children can receive better education." Lu Ming said. In 2003, two elderly people in the activity, the Sixth Wuhan Yucai two small teachers and other school and went to do academic exchanges Qichun bluestone town, near the town attracted nearly 400 teachers to participate. With increasing age, Chen continued to consider a couple of "dream student." September 2, 2000, Chen took a couple of her daughter, son came to town Qichun bluestone grant fellowships. This is Lu Ming, Chen Jing, a couple of the 4th, but also their family over three generations 3rd bluestone town to donate. Many poor students then subsidized, and coming back, has become entrepreneurs, start contributing to society. In 2011, one of the entrepreneurs who have been funded by the surname Luo donated 1.5 million yuan into the foundation; another entrepreneur donated 600,000 yuan; Lu Ming Chen also a couple of 20 yuan to buy a house to sell, received $ 500,000 collectively donated a total of 2.6 million yuan, in the provincial civil affairs, registration and management education department, formally established private foundations "self Hubei Province Education Foundation." Today, 81-year-old Lu Ming,abercrombie roma, a 75-year-old Chen. They can finally feel at ease so that the smooth running of the Foundation. Last September, the Foundation financed the first time, to come up with 240,000 yuan of donations. Recipients from a school, become a Qichun, the Third and Fourth moderate six; recipients will increase from 100 to 300 people. Today, the couple is very happy, because their student dream continues! The reporter Kemei Jie Eve, Evergreen Garden, Lu Ming, Chen issued a couple of grants in inventory list of the child. The reporter Fu JIn a rented six or seven acres.

"pit", and in the business for many years stall next to Wangtian Ling and his wife built a free parking books, witnessed the accident records of their pay for the parking lot to ensure safety, each to a car, fasten the dog to look at carsHe called , Xinxiang, near the intersection stall accident involved more than 200 rescue I found a lot of the cart driver fatigue driving, he and his wife wanted to provide stopover for them to reduce accidents During the past five years, he spent more than 20 million later, they rented six or seven acres of land to build a parking lot He and his wife shifts obligation to look at cars they said: No plan name and money, do not say good diagram, wanted to help these people Henan Xinxiang City West Ring Road, there is a loving and free parking. Parking lot owner Wangtian Ling, is a local ordinary villagers near a crossroads stall. At this intersection.

he saw too much of an accident, to think, to find a settled long car drivers to children. To this end, he has invested more than 20 million, owed a debt. His wife said, do this, do not plan diagram reputation is not money, nor FIG people say well, wanted to help these people. Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Tong Cunrui and Duan Ruichao / Wen Liang / map This love parking for free parking Xinxiang City West outer ring, the west by Highway 308 to the Jiaozuo, the north and south outer ring up to 107 and Shanxi new high-speed national highway, high-speed Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao. Through here not only local cars and farm vehicles, as well as a variety of transport trucks a day. If you come from Xinxiang City West outer ring through the line to the intersection of South Road and West Renmin Road, about 500 meters east of the road you will see a big sign stood - "Skylink love parking" signs on There are "free parking day and night service.

" the words. Next to the sign, is an area of six or seven acres of parking, ground paved by the gravel. Yesterday 10:00 and more, when the Henan Business Daily reporter to here, the parking lot five large trucks parked side by side.


doing push-ups. In this way, Wang was illegally detained these pyramid schemes more than 10 days. Until February 20 17:00 the same day, Wang finally found the opportunity dens from windows to climb out, I did not expect this out of the window is a 56 meters platform. Although Wang found the rope can climb down, I did not expect suddenly fell off. After the emergence of the car fled into the street scene. After salvation, Wang told the police, many lived upstairs rental direct sales personnel. According to Wang Feng Chuan police reports, quickly organized police force, the end of the dens. MLM become illegal detention, the risk of more After the main staff has direct sales organization arrested, the police found the MLM organizations more direct coercion, within the organization has a special thugs.

who do not obey the organization of intimidation, beatings. And MLM clear division of labor within the organization, hierarchical, one-way communication, the implementation of the so-called "patriarchal" live together and management of participants to monitor, control, cut off their contact with the outside world exchanges. The main one is usually organized brainwashing classes; and second, through mobile phones and network with friends, friends, classmates, fellow, relatives and take a different approach Pianzhi dens lure them to join MLM, restriction of personal freedom victims. Moumou suspects confessed: to put money into the company to go, everyone invested 2,800 yuan, a year later you can get a monthly salary of $ 100,000, he invested 2,800 dollars, so they become the boss of the company a. Just paid the money, the dens which are called as "the boss." And another suspect Lee (Amy's helpers master) confessed: He is in charge of Wang's guards.

eating on the toilet will follow, he was not allowed inside the window near 1 meter, are not allowed near the kitchen, you can not leave He too far. Lee sometimes cook or have other things, dens where others will help to see live Wang. Police raided the dens found their shelter conditions are poor, life is very short of money, a dozen people live in one room, eating cabbage, potato main source of life thanks to lie to the people to pay membership fees. At present, the suspect Moumou, Lee and six people were arrested for illegal detention Tonglu police criminal detention.

Wang has been illegally detained persons and their families, the case is being further processed. Police also remind you once again be wary of falling into the trap of pyramid selling.Yesterday 2:00, Ms. Shen, who lives in a district of Lishui city on the 6th floor to get up to go to the bathroom, just turn on the light, the scene in front of her shocked available - even on the floor beside the bed there is a strange Man! Lee immediately screamed out: "My husband, thief!" Ms. Shen's husband heard this scream, what awakened. He had been a martial arts instructor was quick to take advantage of it sideways from the bed turned down, tightly suppressed thief. Husband and wife together, quickly subdued the thief. After Qin Zhu, reluctantly admitted thief, he is indeed to steal things. Ms. Shen some checking.

it was found that her husband pants pocket 325 yuan in cash was gone, and the thief's pocket to find the money. Subsequently, the police station immediately rushed to the scene and took that name thief surnamed Wu. According to Wu explained, is about 0:00, he entered from the top floor to Ms. Shen's home, because at that time, Ms. Shen and her husband did not sleep, so he slept on the balcony for a while. To 2:00, see Ms. Shen house lights have been extinguished, Wu slipped into the bedroom, I did not expect was to be won. Newspaper correspondent Ip Chi Ming blue Yoshihide The reporter Shengwei (Original title: thief early morning burglary mended men who was a martial arts instructor) (EdiZhaoqing BEIJING, December 20 (by Huang Yaohui gallium Lu Zhifeng Li Rong) is seeking more than 40 million land compensation payments, Guangdong Dinghu Developer Area counterfeit copies of construction contract and under, according to Dinghu court on the 20th of the media said Area recently to commit forgery company seal the crime.

he was sentenced to imprisonment for one year and three months. According to Dinghu court revealed that in 2001, the district Hua and Lu Kun (a pseudonym), as well as a development company Dinghu tripartite agreement by the District, responsible for the development of the two plots of the development company, the new villa buildings. But in 2003, the real estate sales is not ideal because of schedule, while the outstanding land transfer more than 1,654 yuan, nearly 720,000 yuan taxes and other debts. 2010, Dinghu segment key projects in Guangdong Province intercity rail projects require two pieces of land expropriated by the assessment of the total premium for more than 40.09 million yuan. Area as a priority to get the land compensation, and ordered his staff to Cong Wu Qiang (a pseudonym, large), two fake real estate construction contract and 10 parts of less data.

the fictional estate owes its two projects, of this gold each 7.81 million yuan and 16.89 million yuan, more than 4.18 million yuan and interest each more than 9.05 million yuan. Subsequently, the Wu-tsung and the strong hand and under contract, according to the court. To fool the judges, district and Wu Hua-tsung, the strong first asked pre-trial mediation, trying closed as soon as possible. After the judge refused, Area and a meter to payments related to wages, worker emotionally unstable grounds to demand an early hearing, then, also known as the settlement agreement. After investigation, the judge found that Wu Cong,chaussure louboutin pas cher, the strong "recover" the total construction cost far more than the value of real estate and development company Dinghu district report its two development companies use counterfeit seal behavior. Earlier this year.


in Thailand for their purchasing diet pills from Sichuan woman echo in the early morning of March 28 falls dead, the news immediately spread in buyers. "The problem we are most concerned about is, echo died, our money how to do?" "Nina" that, according to statistics, a total of more than 400 users pay to buy the echo purchasing diet pills, per person spending 650-2000 yuan ranging from the amount of about 400,000, have all the money into the echo PayPal account. In order to get back their money, hundreds of thousands of users set up on the site Rights Alliance, tried to contact the echo of the family and ask for a refund. However, until yesterday afternoon, in addition to claiming echo friend who answered questions about some friends outside, the purchasing family has not yet been found, into Paypal money has not returned. Currently, some users had been local public security organs police.

the public security organs to initiate an investigation on the matter. More than 400 friends to give money to buy medicine, but like purchasing "death" More than 400 friends to buy diet pills, there are two, one called yanhee, another called dermcare, allegedly in Thailand popular diet pills. According to many users reflect, they are aware of these two drugs from the micro-blog and micro letter. In March this year, users "Nina" by echo to it, understand that this diet pills. "Sellers got some big V microblogging advertising, I see weight loss results photo they sent, I feel very effective, so they intend to buy this drug." In determining the purchase after, "Nina" will be 650 yuan of the purchase of medicines shall direct hit to the echo Alipay account --- a real-name authentication account for the "Chen Lixia" PayPal account. According to several friends said, this purchasing and no intermediate platform, but hit the money directly to the buyer's PayPal account purchasing, purchasing and then collect the money to buy medicine, returning after delivery. All medicines people are purchasing echo pulled a QQ group.

"has been her many times before purchasing, we are the 55, 400 people to buy." Accordance with the previous plan, after receiving the money, purchasing will be March 29 to buy medicine and send them off, the buyer is expected to receive the drug in about April 3. However, a sudden news, so that all the buyer's expectations came to naught --- March 29, some friends got the news, purchasing echo has been in Thailand "falls dead." First get the message "Nina" said she got the news echo has died from a friend at the echo. "At 8:00 on March 29 more than the way, a friend told me echo, March 28 in the morning, echo in Bangkok, Thailand falls dead." This message was subsequently purchasing echo customer service "Hei Wuchang" confirmation. March 30, "Hei Wuchang," published by the echo of the QQ message said: ". Echo indeed gone, the dead rest in peace, hope you understand,barbour lyon," and then, that someone asked about the matter of true and false, "Hei Wuchang" Reply He said: "Really." "Death" can not confirm the User group rights "After receiving news of the death purchasing one hand, we feel sad, on the other hand also think how to return to our money." Netizens "Nina" told Chengdu Business Daily reporter, they first thing to do is confirm the echo of death, however, in addition to a woman falls scene photos.

almost could not find any channels, to confirm the news. According to friends, he said this is the echo friend falls photo spread in Thailand back on the screen, one wearing a black T-shirt, red trousers of the woman lying on the ground, on the back of the head on the floor covered in blood, next to a They were wearing masks and gloves are investigation staff. "This is said to echo falls scene photos, but we did not know she can not confirm the authenticity of this photograph." April 3 to yesterday, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Duo Ci and Bo Da echo in Thailand and the country's mobile phone number, both showed the wrong number or shut down; the afternoon, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lian Ji and Dao Wangyou "game".

he is known as echo friend, "game" told Chengdu Business Daily Reporter: "To my knowledge, echo real name is not called Chen Lixia, but what her real name, I do not know." He said he also learned that customer service delivery through echo echo of death. echo, another friend, "Wang Luxi LucyW" said: "I just heard that she died late last month, her English name e-cho, Chinese name she never said, I do not know, she is. Sichuan, do not know anything else, and I told her has not contacted a year. " Chengdu Business Daily linked to an echo of customer service delivery, for echo of death, she said: "I also heard other people say, I have not been to the scene to verify, I just help her delivery, her specific information, including What's the name, I do not know. " These people are unable to provide specific information echo their families, and have said that there is no contact with the family before. April 3, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zhi Dian and Zhong Guozhu Embassy in Bangkok, a staff member in the inquiry replied that indeed the end of March.


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" Where flew back "But after the opening of Lingyin Road, Pfau mountain ridge on the few people interested, except Maojiabu local villagers know 'flew back' and there are few, unfortunately." Chen Bin said, "In order to allow more People know 'flew back', so, specifically the 'Dan Lianting' rebranded 'flew back'. " "It's not, not enough time to inform you that, just, take advantage of this opportunity to promote the promotion." Bin said. He flew back to the station where? Take bus route 273, or 7 bus, 807 Road and 837 bus routes, you can reach this site. Immediately going back where? Bin also specifically to ask the Maojiabu villagers: "At the time.

flew back on Maojiabu is one road leading to the Lingyin Road,hollister site officiel, which is the Pfau Ridge Road, but now, flew back to the road along with the road dressing, there is no after the tunnel opened, and we can only mouth from the village, which is generally a position to know, should be from the nearby Pfau Maojiabu Ridge Road, through the Mao Jia Bu, along plum Lundbeck Road, has been leading to the Lingyin. " User reviews "bright" the K313: first arrived in Hangzhou shoes to hear that the station will be immediately reported back to it. Papa balls: in front of a station should be "Oliver boundless" do. Big Figure 2011: daily broadcast traffic in the day in the newspaper: scenic vehicle has been queued to immediately go back, I was thinking, really stupid these drivers are telling you to turn back. Ah ah ah Well: I think once tangle of "crossing off" ... that have to get off. Link � Beijing: Tomb and Bawang Fen these were previously buried royalty Guiqi places.

bus station name with a "grave" word. � Wuhan: three floors Bus 530,606,607,717,729 Road a site called "three floors." Wuchang three-story building located in the northern town, in 1912, in the construction industry in this peaceful capitalist Road 445 three-storey building constructed of brick of a building, grocery, open teahouse, storytellers field and shadow games, business is booming, well known for. The three-story building towered above the surrounding bungalows huts, very prominent hallmark of this area, it then submitted three floors refers to the area. � Quanzhou: broken city Quanzhou East Street there is a bus station called "broken city." It is also the origin of the different versions, one of which was originally called "big round head," those who use the bicycle carrying a large park in the position of the head, and other guests, because I do not know where the real names, we will use the "broken city" instead. � Chongqing: six kilometers, five kilometers, four kilometers In "a few kilometers" to name a light rail line 3 & nbsp; (b pond - Jiangbei Airport) features a second station to the fourth station are: six kilometers, five kilometers, four kilometers. In the past haitangxi car ferry terminal to 0 km counted, along Guizhou, Sichuan and Guizhou Road towards the direction of one kilometer each additional name of a place. Share: welcome to comment to comment microblogging Recommended | hot microbloggA network of people called "the river's source" on the microblogging announced the news with a photo, "he said the buyout on his home parked a car parking spaces, but threatened the owners of residential area to the rear is his world, he is somebody the State Department. "The source of the river," published a photograph with a license plate number and vehicle information, photos, a five or six-year-old man was pointing photographer were talking and excited He said that during the dispute.

this picture placeholders somebody claiming to be the owner of the State Council, has repeatedly claimed that the cell is its own world, "I have video can testify. "As shown in the photo placeholder owners of the license plate number, vehicle inspection information and passes the information, some people also human flesh search out of the picture in the man's identity and home address.


in a dilapidated house, 70-year-old granddaughter standing in front of the portrait, a long time refused to leave. The old man said, another 12 days, that is, 21-year-old granddaughter's birthday. Yang Zhiliang told reporters late law, granddaughter had originally planned to go to an airport in Shanghai to work in September. In order to earn some of the expenses, this year graduation, she went to the home near Chongqing Railway Tenth beam field to play a summer job. The last time when they meet on the table, Yang Yuting had pulled grandparents said he grew up, and so made a wage,louboutins, to treat. Yang Zhiliang and his wife may eventually etc., but it is his granddaughter's death. Yang Zhiliang told France late reporter, he is July 1 from Yang Yuting brother get the message - "the child cried phoned me and said the police Tingting phone call of her classmates, her classmates quickly notice us ... " August 1, 2014 in the afternoon, France late reporters came to the hotel and saw the housekeeping department five, the whole floor hotel rooms are not guests. In the Channel port, the hotel furnishings with a prompt card, saying that the layer undergoing maintenance. The hotel's cleaning staff to France late reporters that the murder occurred after a 515 room, five rooms has no reception guests. In the afternoon, the hotel security manager Liu Dong was accepted France late reporter, confirmed that there murder occurred at the hotel, because police are still investigating the case, the inconvenience situation back more details. Police confirmed Violent sexual assault after being deceased died of massive blood loss "20-year-old beautiful girl," "prospective flight attendants child".

"die of five-star hotels," this series of keywords let this spread quickly Aikawa, including her home, Taihe Town. For Yang Yuting's death, there is a greater variety of rumors. At 17:03 on July 11, Hechuan District Public Security Bureau issued "alarm notification" on its official micro-Bo, Yang Yuting confirmed deaths. Aikawa police communications, said: "June 29 at 6 pm, Railway Tenth Hechuan a project department staff for Jiang, Chen and Yang with colleagues, fellow travelers Lai Yu Wang Hemou dinner, Zhang et al., Seats between heavy drinking that night 9:50, Hemou called the drunken driver Wang Yang delivered to your hotel room in the evening, while Yang Mou drunk on the occasion, the use of violence.

sexual abuse, caused a large number of blood loss. The next day at 5 pm, Yang Hemou found dead ... " August 4, Aikawa District Public Security Bureau of Interpol team police, the council propaganda chief Li Fuchun were confirmed to France late reporter, said informed Yang mentioned that Yang Yuting. Suspects escape being caught in the iron-based staff retirement According to Chongqing Hechuan District Public Security Bureau informed the suspect of violent sexual assault Hemou the next day (June 30) at 5:00 pm found Yang died, then got Chen, Zhang, Wang and other people discuss countermeasures, fled the scene after the cover of Chongqing. Aikawa police informed that the public security authorities received a report immediately organized the elite forces to investigate, quickly locked the suspect and his settled place. July 2.

the suspect Hemou arrested in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, has been Hechuan Public Security Bureau Detention. In addition, Chen, Wang and Zhang were also arrested for the crime of harboring and helping to destroy evidence of the crime Detention public security organs. August 4, Hechuan District of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau publicity chief Li Fuchun to France late reporters that retired employees within the Department of Railway Tenth Mou. In addition, Chen XingJu Railway Tenth Aikawa is a project department employees. Li Fuchun chief, the police present survey, violent sexual assault against Yang Yuting only what one person. uncle Yang Xiaoping Hechuan public security organs Bingtui workers, Yang Xiaoping told France late reporter said.


" Earlier, the outgoing prime minister has served as diplomatic envoys precedent Han Duck-soo, former Prime Minister Lee Hong-koo and United States for each ambassador Kim Dae-jung and Lee in the period. Niuxi Si news agency quoted a South Korean ruling party anonymous source, has a wealth of experience in governance and heavyweight qualifications Kim Hwang-sik as ambassador to the right time. Kim Hwang-sik expressed for this argument, but also no one asked whether he was willing to serve as ambassador to the post, when the previous prime minister, many officials have been in contact with the Chinese.

but also to mention very understanding of China. "World News" commented that Kim Hwang-sik seems to have been aware of the outside world talking about the issue of who will serve as ambassador to China, now they emphasize that they are not only "China." "Does this mean that the South Korean government and Cheong Wa Dae large-scale personnel changes will begin at the end?" South Korean news agency Niuxi Si guess it on the 13th. Some analysts believe that, do not rule out returning to replace outgoing Bank Kwon Jin Qi Chun served as chief of presidential secretary. Park Geun-hye is the outside world that the government reform the country were likely to replace the prime minister and other government reorganization, if Presidential Secretary and long positions are replaced, then the whole reshuffle rate may exceed expectations. Korean Embassy press counselor on the 13th of the "Global Times" reporter said, for a term of ambassadors, the South Korean government has not clearly defined, all listen to government arrangements. Therefore,chaussure femme pas cher, no way of knowing the world is currently Ambassador Kwon when leaving, but "have not heard of plans to replace the ambassador." (Original title: Korean media hot ambassador to the former prime minister will be seen as presidential confidant) EdEnforcement inspectors appear uncivilized behavior? Work "eat, take, to"? In 2015, law enforcement supervision and the training session reporter City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, held on the 16th was informed that "Kunming Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement inspectors regulations" has been officially implemented. Which clearly, urban comprehensive law enforcement officers appear 8 violations of discipline will have to be stopped to perform their duties. 16, Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau released 18 supervision and reporting telephone.

the public can make a complaint against uncivilized law enforcement and law enforcement inspectors Chinakayao such acts exist in the process. Eight kinds of behavior will be suspended inspectors According to the Municipal Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, responsible person, in 2009, for the Kunming city management and law enforcement supervision and other issues, Kunming has introduced the "Kunming comprehensive administrative law enforcement supervision (Trial)." As part of a new grass-roots management issues in Kunming in the presence of law enforcement and the old policy suited, in January this year, the municipal government office issued a formal implementation "Kunming Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement inspector may require" enforcement for urban management in Kunming supervision of content, oversight responsibilities powers.

and so were the main form of regulations. According to "require" shows wanton abuse occurs in urban management and law enforcement work, beaten or relative who manage threats, intimidation, retaliation intentionally causing serious consequences and influence others or to eat, take, to accept bribes law enforcement behavior belong City Comprehensive law enforcement personnel must stop execution of their duties eight kinds of circumstances. City Comprehensive law enforcement officers have suspended eight categories of behavior: City Comprehensive law enforcement agencies believe that inspectors City Comprehensive law enforcement officers violate discipline any of the following circumstances should be taken to stop carrying out their duties, proposed by the inspectorate written comments, after reported to the leaders in charge of City Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau issued a decision approved by the Executive. (A) refusing to implement the decisions of higher authorities and the leadership of the command.


for saying events may be deliberately rebels, "an attempt to create misunderstanding between us and China." In recent days, which resulted in five Chinese people from the tragedy of death has aroused strong repercussions in China, China's repeated solemn representations, demanded stern punishment for the perpetrators. China to strengthen the deployment of troops and patrols in the border areas become online news hot spots, but also to the region near the Chinese border conflict excited. "China urges the parties to the conflict once again China's concerns seriously and effectively to exercise restraint and calm the situation as soon as possible, restore the normal order in the border areas." Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei stressed at a press conference on the 16th. Myanmar first public response 15 evening, the Myanmar government issued an official press release on the "3.13" incident. 16.

"New Light of Myanmar" and other official media published a communique. The statement said, it is learned, March 13 afternoon, the courageous Burmese rebel fighting, resulting in Gengma County, Yunnan Lincang flood the town of Mulberry Village Mengding five Chinese people were killed and eight injured. About these events, Myanmar Foreign Ministry and the Defense Department has established direct contact with China and investigated. Burmese preliminary investigation of this incident found that the Burmese military has been instructed to take action in their territories, respect and friendly relations between Myanmar and does not go beyond the boundary line. "However, the war caused a number of casualties of Chinese citizens in border areas, we are deeply saddened." The statement said that the investigation team composed of representatives from the Myanmar military and local official organizations in China, China Yunnan Province Foreign Affairs Office official, Myanmar Consul General in Kunming have been rushed to the site of the incident to find out about the investigation. More detailed investigations will continue. Kokang armed groups' involvement in these events to undermine the Myanmar-China friendship, create unrest in Myanmar in border areas will be thoroughly investigated. Myanmar and China Foreign Affairs Ministry is closely through diplomatic channels, the Burmese military is also working closely with the Chinese military, according to the principles of peaceful coexistence, jointly safeguard peace and stability in the border areas. Agence France-Presse on the 16th.

said the Myanmar government troops and rebels clash in a bomb fell on Chinese territory led to five people were killed after China, Myanmar, the incident that "sorrow" and announced an investigation of the explosion, but did not say should assume responsibility for the event. This incident triggered strong condemnation of Beijing, China has warplanes patrolling the border, "Warning and expulsion" of his country fighter. India's "New Kerala" Web site, which is the first public response to Myanmar bomb explosion caused the five cross-border China's Yunnan province citizen deaths. Reuters said Myanmar trying to appease public statements make China. Previous press release, Myanmar officials have denied that the incident was a Myanmar military aircraft. Wu, deputy director of Office of the President of Myanmar on the 14th.

said: "This event is not for the government forces, our aircraft are recorded, we have evidence to prove that the incident has nothing to do with us we have only to unite to find clues to know about it. by whomever. "He also said, in a recent exchange of fire with the Peng Jiasheng army, the Burma Army in the use of heavy artillery against before, always the first to China and Laos to be advertised. "We may be deliberately attacked the enemy, an attempt to create misunderstanding between us and China." Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a press conference on the 16th, the Burmese military aircraft bomb casualties caused by the fact that China is clear. Myanmar should China request was yesterday sent the investigation team arrived in the China-Burma border region 27e5, conduct joint investigations with China. Hong Lei said China to Myanmar made solemn representations through different channels. Myanmar side has said that the Chinese casualties caused by the incident saddened.

will be carefully investigated and handled properly. Kokang region in northern Burma conflict has lasted more than a month, causing a serious impact on peace and stability in the China-Burma border. China urges parties clash again China's concerns seriously and effectively to exercise restraint and calm the situation as soon as possible,abercrombie soldes, restore the normal order in the border areas. Myanmar officials to blame, courageous allies, a senior commander of the "Global Times" reporter.


It covers an area of 5,000 square meters, construction area of 3,800 square meters, total investment of more than 160 million yuan. History museum to introduce the world's automotive development by showing hundreds of vehicles valuable historical vehicles. Classic cars this concept first appeared in 1973, a British magazine called "celebrity and classic cars", the current domestic and no classic cars delineated specific scope and concept of the international community, so in the car collectors, classic It refers to the old car and classic car design. Cars in China's development history is not long, but with rapid economic development, just ten years China will become the world's first automobile consumer. However, in the cultural development of China's automobile industry significantly behind. As the process of human civilization.

the development of automobile industry, undoubtedly a whole big industrial era the most brilliant pearl. Development of automobile industry in each period, the classic car after another, let the human traffic, travel break through the boundaries of time, but also to this new type of vehicle full of feeling, an official in this emotional driven car will naturally become the new collection, with classic design and classic cars is undoubtedly the most collectible cars. In the exhibition hall of the most prominent position, Chen placed a Genghis 110 sedan, this car is one of the former Soviet Union, Stalin presented to China's five vehicles Genghis car was used as a Chairman Mao's car. According to the staff of the presentation hall,abercrombie & fitch, out of the time during the Cold War security concerns, many of the car's design is safe for the first goal. Genghis 110 car weight six tons, the tire is a double-layer structure, even if the quilt ejection, the car can still be normal driving. In the car bottom with a thick steel plate, able to withstand the impact of landmine blast. Remove car car, as well as Changchun FAW specifically for Chairman Mao to create "a project car" - Red CA770L car to fully comply with today's standards, "Touring Car" is defined as a special car for Chairman Mao for security reasons, so it is called "one project car." For historical reasons, the red flag CA770L only produced this one, it is very rare in the collection area. Many collections of classic cars is not only the founding leaders of the exclusive car or a new Chinese auto industry from scratch, to witness robust growth. For example, in 1968 the production of Changchun FAW Hongqi CA770GJ convertible parade car.

then produced a total of only eight. 1970s, Kim Il Sung, when Prince Sihanouk's visit to China, is riding a red convertible car review car, accompanied by Premier Zhou Enlai, to accept the people's warm welcome at Chang'an Avenue. Hongqi CA770 car collections for the year is indeed the tenth Panchen Erdeni Gyaltsen hosted in Tibet during the work car. Collection 1957 General company's Cadillac "rocket car", when he was Foreign Minister Marshal Chen Yi car. Jim former Soviet car manufacturing holdings, after the liberation to be used as Peng's car. Skoda Spartak car collection, is a former leader of Czechoslovakia gave Chairman Zhu De's car. Red Flag CA72 car collection in 1958 made by the Changchun FAW, is General Wang Zhen car during the work of the Northeast Agricultural Reclamation Bureau. Collection of the car.

there are many Japanese, German and American cars of the "ancestors", such as the first generation of Land Rover sport utility vehicle, the first generation of Rand Road, Chak cool, road rage and 1936 Buick Classic Volkswagen Beetle car. According to museum director, Vice Chairman of Chinese classic cars Alliance introduced Mr. Liu Bo, when the heads of state opened the car ride after "retired" basically went into the garage, no one used it, but at that time China did not form their own classic car culture, so even when the car is only Chairman Mao has kept in the Shenyang Military Region and Heilongjiang Military warehouses, and because of their age is too old.

plus vehicle maintenance and repair is not timely, the car is a problem neither can be replaced parts and no professional maintenance staff. Mr. Liu Bo said, Marshal Chen Yi, then the car, foreign guests presented the Cadillac of warehouse storage in the Foreign Ministry, and two year is Santana, Jetta buy back three together, and now it goes without saying that the value of the car can be had simply Nobody wants to take over these "strange shapes, age of the vehicle is large, almost no value" quasi scrapped cars. Mr. Liu Bo said that these collections are closely related to classic cars very interesting history of New China, hope that through this form for the national automotive culture contribute their own strength. (End) (Original title: Stalin, Mao donated vehicle is used as a car: bullet still running) EdDefendant Tang asked days (second from right) and at Mu Chun (right) in the Chaoyang Court for trial.


I do not remember when I did not call the other masses, if they hurt, I was responsible. Of course, if someone had come to help one, things will finally evolved to this point. South are: Some people say you're in the duty room after a call for help is not too late, you may not need a minute. Lile Bin: one minute a lot of things can happen, but without violence before he hurt, then does not mean no. Dare to attack law enforcement, public security duty room door dare to hit, that he has no control. SMW: So you want to deal with now? Lile Bin: If you cause people were injured, I was responsible. South are: Some people harassing you? Lile Bin: Many, my wife's psychology has been affected. I feel very aggrieved. South are: What kind of grievance? Lile Bin: wife felt like I was normal law enforcement.

the result being a lot of questions, including some of the negative comments. Experts say Police from four levels of analysis involved law enforcement Professor of Criminal Law, Northwest University of Politics and Yang Zong Branch noted that the police opened fire on the legality of the issue, the direct legal basis including the "People's Republic of China People's Police Law", "People's Republic of China People's Police use of police equipment and weapons regulations" and "policemen Wearing the use of firearms specification. " The rule of law should stand in the perspective from four levels of analysis involved law enforcement police. "First, the use of firearms subject to wear and qualifications and is in compliance with the law places." Yang Zong department said that from the evidence available, the parties to the police the police have formal qualifications of law enforcement, with a gun permit, and at the station on duty to protect the public workplace safety, perform their duties. "Second, the purpose of the police use of firearms is legal. From the video to see, from a verbal warning, the use of police equipment, and then opened fire, the objective is to effectively control the criminal suspects to stop criminal acts, should be part of a positive act. "Yang Zong Division, said," In the beginning, stop other passengers dead stop, it is a general law and order violations. Later, the dead on upgrades, smashing bottles, beaten by the police, snatch riot stick, throwing the child, has been suspected of violating the criminal law. Enforcement was after resisting police duty room to come back to the police apparatus.

in the case of no avail to stop the shooting, in line with the case law. " "Third was it possible to stop using firearms, according to" People's Republic of China People's Police use of police equipment and weapons regulations ", the People's Police under any of the following circumstances, should immediately stop using the weapons :( a) stop the criminals to commit crimes, People obey police orders; (b) the criminals lose the ability to continue to commit crimes, however, to see from the video, the two situations are not found only the dead have not renounced violence, but continues to upgrade if you do not shoot, could have.. public safety caused by more serious consequences. " "Four are under the law,barbour lyon, after the police use of firearms deaths and injuries caused by criminal acts, it shall promptly rescue the injured, protect the scene, to prevent the loss of evidence, and take the initiative to immediately report to their respective departments revolver. Sexuality from parties subsequent police procedures point of view.

are in line with the provisions. " Written / Photography: Southern Reporter Wang Jia from the bottom of HeilongjianChina news agency, Moscow, March 1 - Title: Watch Moscow 20,000 people march in memory of murdered opposition leader China news agency reporter Wang Xiujun The evening of February 27, the Russian opposition leaders, former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov was killed in the Moscow River near the Kremlin Bridge. In the aftermath of this event March 1 ushered in a climax - the same day as the Moscow people Nemtsov held a memorial procession. According to the Moscow headquarters of the Interior Ministry.


terror, feudal superstitions and other harmful information on child It hurts deep. All walks of life to eliminate network environment "applauded." Parents: vulgar pages, popups us feel annoyance "As a parent, I especially support the network environment clean." Ms. Wang, who lives in Beijing, told reporters Once her 8-year-old son to watch cartoons online, suddenly jumped out a window, the child started whining, "Mom, what is it!", She quickly gave off, "then I did not dare let their children online, and really scary! "Ms. Wang lingering fear that the current obscenity on the network more obscure, and some even put on a quite harmful information fuzziness vest, hard to detect. "As parents, we have been looking for a can rest assured that children visit the site. I heard that the recent crackdown Internet vulgar content, the point I want to praise the work!" Mr. Yan has a year-old daughter. He told reporters that his baby was still in kindergarten, curiosity, mobile phones and computers is the children's favorite learning and entertainment platform, often open their own computer access, or play with your phone. "Some vulgar pages, pop, Mobile APP or games that attention will be opened, people very trouble." Mr. Yan believes that protecting children from indecent intrusion network information concerning each child's healthy growth of the whole society We have a responsibility to purify the Internet environment. "Since the media age, everyone is communicators, we hope to begin to act, to prevent the spread of vulgar information, is responsible for their children!" Ms. Zhou's daughter was only a year old. She believes that children like white,abercrombie e fitch, right and wrong and a lack of self-control, it is easy to be misled bad attitudes and behavior. Criminals are using the Internet spotted this weak link of this regulation to information dissemination of pornographic violence.

pollution lure the child's mind. "Some of the domestic sites due to the lack of appropriate supervision and management of physical and thus become accomplices of criminals and umbrella, and even some websites for the benefit of heart protection condone such behavior. As a parent, it is strongly suggested that the relevant departments to establish regulatory protection system Age category the children's books and television touchable classification regulation, to avoid harm, to give children a healthy future. " Teacher: crack down on pornographic websites Vice President of Beijing RDFZ introduction, the network information in the school's students are in contact with more and more, the majority of children, especially high school kids can correctly recognize, consciously shielded vulgar violence and other negative information, do not look We will not follow suit. However, for younger or junior high school students will be affected by violence information. "Last month, there was a sudden abnormal smell classroom, the children go to escape from the classroom teacher to the class in an understanding.

a student in retaliation for students in the online purchase of a self-defense sprays. On this spray packaging English description says people face directed at self-defense spray can. Fortunately, the child in the classroom for a couple of empty spray, teacher promptly found the afternoon of course, the kids can go to other classrooms. "Wang Xiaonan president introduced , the student said, after conflicts with his classmates happen, they used Internet search for "revenge he" and other words, it is found to make fun of people and all kinds of violence against each other's methods. He chose purchased with a tear gas spray and odor effects. "We checked, which is three non-product, if he really sprayed into each other's face, the consequences serious." Wang Xiaonan principal said, these sites provide information really irresponsible violence, to teach children to automatically block bad information network and media RDFZ teachers who want a lot of ways. Who started high school students must learn the legal course.

among them civilized Internet content. Ms. Huang is a high school teacher of politics. In her view, the network information is referred to as electronic yellow heroin, adolescents have a strong toxic, obsessive pornography affects school teenagers, adolescents the limited time and energy into the network, a lot of bad information can affect the accuracy of teenagers forming ideas and sexual ideas. "Therefore, we should strengthen the network supervision and crack down on pornographic websites, imposed severe sanctions against these criminals, and create 'green' network environment." Judge: online bloody violence against children poisoned grave Beijing Changping District People's Court Criminal Division Vice President Li told reporters, in the juvenile criminal justice work, she considered bad information on the Internet and the media have a great impact on children. "I have heard of cases in which the Internet many children. The children are mostly playing games online, followed by dating sites. In some games there are some bloody scenes of violence, physical and mental health of children prone to adverse effects." Li Na judge introduced, she heard many incidents of juvenile delinquency has bad online games and online information. With minor robbery gang armed with knives.

several junior high school students drop out of nothing, every day, soak in Internet cafes, playing online games has become their only pleasure in life. While playing the game to upgrade weapons and equipment, the need for more funding. Parents give pocket money is not enough, the children and no source of income, so it was proposed to stealing money. Several children midnight knife robbery at the park entrance, had simply robbed, when the victims call for help, one of the children will head chopped the victim, causing more serious consequences, and finally just grabbed an old phone . Several children are eventually subject to legal action remorse. Judge Li introduced.

this is not accidental case together, similar cases have occurred. Children most violent crimes have had the experience of Causing loss of lives in the game.


jumped out a piece of paper. He opened it, shocked, I saw a note that read: gold 2kg. Scene, I do not know who is calling the sentence: Brother,louboutin pas cher, you make a fortune. All of a sudden, on the edge of people gathered around, you made me a language, talk together. See, the crowd of people more excited than Mr. Zhu himself. Holding a golden egg in a small piece of paper People are ignorant of the organizers "Opening the moment a note, I could not believe my eyes, hit such a big prize, so unexpected, but looking back I thought, organizers really so generous it?" Skeptical Chu took note, find activities relevant person in charge, requiring Duijiang. Staff organizers get this little piece of paper.

but also senseless. According to the current market price of about 300 yuan a gram of gold, two kilograms is 600,000 yuan ah. You heard right, 60 million. "Excuse me, this is a mistake of our staff, made a mistake. Original golden egg is 2g gold setting, rather than 2kg." The organizers explained that they refused to honor. Mr. Zhu was extremely heart drop, completely unacceptable organizers explain. "Wrong is their own thing, since I was able to get up, the organizers should be responsible in the end, can not take consumers baited ah." Angrily, Mr. Zhu complained to the Wuyi Industry and Commerce, businesses hope to honor this great prize. Commerce and Industry: This is a major mistake business Coordinated Zhu eligible for 3500 yuan compensation Soon.

the business sector staff rushed to the scene. "Set the value of 600,000 yuan of two kilograms of gold as a prize, it is unlikely, an order just how much money? Judging from the common sense, it is the business of major errors caused." Industrial and Commercial staff said. After more than one hour of patience mediation, the same day more than 20:00, the organizers finally answer should apologize for Chu and Chu compensate 3,500 yuan, in order to compensate for moral damages caused by its failure to Zhu. For this result, Mr Chu said acceptance. Further Reading Prize promotions The maximum amount not more than 5000 yuan Premium Sales business as a promotional tool, it is now being used more and more frequently, consumers are often attracted by some high awards while shopping. If consumers are experiencing a similar situation, how to do? What needs attention? Reporters learned from the business sector Jinhua, in fact, the law does not prohibit lottery sales behavior, but may have adverse consequences and undermine the competition rules of lottery sales would be prohibited. "If the business is easy to induce consumers to speculative behavior psychology.

consumer choice of goods disturb normal thinking, impede fair competition operators of similar goods, which belong to unfair competition." Jinhua relevant staff said the business sector. "People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law" stipulates that lottery prizes sales, the highest prize money set shall not exceed five thousand dollars; if the non-cash items or other economic benefits as incentives, in accordance with the same period the market similar normal price of goods or services which amount converted. Higher than five thousand, shall be sentenced to more than 10,000 yuan fine of 200,000 yuan. Lawyers point of view Organizers should take responsibility, the compensation of consumers Zhejiang Jia Lixin Akamatsu law firm lawyers: If the integrity of the business point of view.

how to write the note, the organizers should be how to do it. But according to the relevant laws, lottery sales top prize amount can not be more than 5000 yuan. Strictly speaking, two kilograms of gold, worth 600,000 yuan, more than the relevant laws and regulations, the amount of the excess is invalid. The sake of discussion, although the organizers obviously there are significant errors, but not to a "mistake" to stall the consumer, but should bear the responsibility. Consumers have the right to fight for their rights. From the final results, the consumer businesses to compensate 3,500 yuan, can be considered reasonable. He Xianjun special correspondent newspaper correspondent JReporter Mao Yin 9-year-old son a hunger strike for a day, the parents just feel things become big. No matter how persuade adults, children do not "turn," and apologize to my mother, compensation and doubling compensation. "Stolen" Ms. Qin son some money yesterday reluctantly seek help from a psychiatrist. 11-year-old boy Taurus, when the Chinese New Year lucky money received nearly 2 million, he bought thousands of dollars of remote control aircraft, play all day. After school, the teacher said in class beef nor nerves. For this reason a man blaming each other.

leaving unpleasant. Xiaoqing for her parents said, "custody" lucky money, results Xiaoqing buy something, the parents would have to find some money into savings, Xiaoqing futile. During this time, "Psychic Hotline" to answer a lot of readers to talk because of some money dispute caused. Wuhan Wu Donghe hospital psychiatric therapist warned parents John Doe winter, when a dispute, the first child emotional stability is most important. How to deal with a child's gift? Expert advice: set up a ledger; buy child likes and reluctant to buy goods; in parental guidance Xiacun bank or buy financial products.

education and insurance; the purchase of books, learning materials, tuition, donations to Project Hope, adoption and collection of plants arts; buy gifts at birthdays or ill elders, gifts. You can let the children have done for each payment record, the next year to sum up, to see what the money should be spent and what not to spend, what to spend more meaningful. (Original title: lucky money "missing" in Wuhan 9-year-old boy on a hunger strikeYesterday, Li Guiyun (left) hands and picked up the butter, like a goldfish carp fish fairy. Chongqing Morning News reporters Ju Zhiqin and Wang HaisheCarp body gold fish "fish immortal" 10:00 yesterday, the South Bank district meet Longzhen Goujia Platistoma villagers Li Guiyun.

turn on the water to clean ponds, where they discover a "fish immortal".