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Consolidation continues in the self-publishing sector: the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Author Solutions (which already owns AuthorHouse, iUniverse, and Xlibris) has acquired Trafford Publishing. As with its January 2009 acquisition of Xlibris, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

As with Xlibris and iUniverse prior to their acquisition, Trafford appears to suffer from relatively few consumer issues. Writer Beware has received no substantive complaints about Trafford over the past few years, and there's not much complaint to be found on the Internet either. Not so for AuthorHouse--something that, post-acquisition, seems also to have become true for iUniverse. Which prompts the question: whither Xlibris and Trafford?

In blogging about the Xlibris acquistion, I wrote the following. It's even more true now:

This new merger is not good news for authors in another sense: it reduces the field of choice. As choices decrease, so does the pressure to compete, and decreased competition does not benefit consumers. While Writer Beware doesn't generally recommend the use of POD self-publishing services, except in certain specific circumstances (see our Print on Demand Self-Publishing Services page for a discussion), we feel that writers who do choose to self publishing-publish are best-served by having the widest possible range of options, in a robustly competitive environment.

I am well-pleased with the services from Trafford publishers. My book was successfully published and is selling on-line. Trafford did a great job with the cover and color pages. Trafford kept in touch with me via e-mail and returned my calls within a specified time and most of the time I was able to speak to an agent without any delay. The copyright was done and completed in a reasonable and I received 40 free copies of my book and 10 posters, bookmarks and 300 postcards to market my book. Trafford publishers has given me exposure to book retailers including Barnes & Noble, Borders and Target stores. I do not owe any money to Trafford as I paid the full cost of my package when I submitted my manuscript and Trafford also transcribed my manuscript because my materials submitted were not clear and concise for publication. I have just completed my second book and I will incorporate the services of Trafford as they have provided me with a discount. Also, I am pleased with my website: The title of my book is: "Tones In Twilight".
I recommend the services of Trafford publishers to writers because they offer a huge variety of publishing services. I suggest that readers visit their on-line bookstore.
From a happy author.
6/27/2009 3:20 PM
Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Hutt!
After checking out your book on your page and in Amazon.Com I realized that it was published in September 2008.
It seems clear to me that the problems with Trafford only appeared after the acquistion by Author Solutions. When I checked them out in December they seemd a really good choice compared to all other BOD companies.
You are lucky that you got your book out in good time. Unfortunately now it is very different with them. (see my comment before yours)
From a very frustrated author:
6/28/2009 3:29 AM
Sandra-Lee said...

Sandra-Lee responds to anonymous...
I welcome your comments and complaints concerning Trafford which may be helpful to me in the near future in submission of my second publication to Trafford publishers. Please post the name of your book that was published in
Germany. Is it available on There is a which is informative for authors to track the number of booksellers that stock an author's book. I would like to purchase a copy of your book. Thank you for taking the time to view my website. Also, you may want to register with the
National Writer's to help you locate a publisher.I wish you the best of luck. Please tell your friends about my book.
6/28/2009 1:48 PM
Victoria Strauss said...

iUniverse appears to have suffered a deterioration of service after its acquisition by Author Solutions, so it wouldn't surprise me if the same thing happened with Trafford (and also Xlibris, which AS acquired just before it bought Trafford).
6/28/2009 4:59 PM
Anonymous said...

Response to Ms Hutt!
My book was published in Germany: "Mein Mann is Ägypter" and can be located in The English title is: "My husband is Egyptian". It is not available in It was translated into English and I had chosen Trafford because it seemed a good choice for international distribution. At that time thay had an office in UK which is closed now. I want to bring my book out not only in USA, UK but also in Egypt etc.
Now I can only wait..
Good luck with your new projects..
6/29/2009 2:14 AM
Anonymous said...

I paid Trafford almost $2000.00CDN in Nov of 2008 for the production and supply of my poetry book "Love Unveiled" In February of 2008, they told me the book was ready for production but they were moving their offices to larger quarters and the wait would be approx 16 weeks. I contacted them again in June, fully expecting my book to be ready but they never returned my call. As it stands now, they still have my money, will not reply to my calls or emails ( I emailed Author Solutions as well) and are forcing me to seek legal representation to have my funds returned. Not only that, but having already set up a web page I have incurred the costs of hosting and pay pal as well throughout. Will someone please tell me...will I get my money back and where can I get an already proofread, formatted and simple project such as a poetry book published???
Best of luck to you all..and to me as well, I suppose.
W Ferguson