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The most confusing thing about smart phones is certainly the hardware. Things like decided whether to go with a Tegra or Snapdragon Processor, the difference between ROM, RAM, and microSD card memory, capacitive or resistive touch screens, and AMOLED, lcd projector, and Retina displays will confuse just about anyone. Luckily, when picking out a smart phone all of this technobable doesn't really matter to the average consumer. If you've already decided on an operating system and/or carrier, you've already narrowed down the choices, sometimes down to one or two choices. For example, if you choose Apple's iOS4, there's only one device that runs it.

The mouse invention, a must have for decades, gave convenience from a keyboard. touch devices have been given the mouse the squeeze, from wire to wireless, in the past decade. Using a touch screen is sensible, easier than cleaning the mouse ball and (most) comes with a touch pad lock. The touch screen surpasses what limited abilities a mouse offers. The 1963 mouse inventor Douglas Engelbart died last month at age 88.

Animate! - No this doesn't mean you can plaster your site with jumping, popping and blinking bits of text and .gif files like this was the glory days of the 90s. Instead, think about how you can use animation to make the whole experience more attractive, cohesive and easy for your audience.

Many of these GPS navigation devices are quite user friendly and come with touch screens. There are some that can be fitted in your car and play movies and MP3 songs. Some can even help you to browse the web. There are higher models can also tell you the estimated arrival time, they can also inform you before hand about the kind of traffic you may encounter on a particular route, possible blockages due to accidents and eve the weather. As the price range goes up, so do the number of features.

This is always a good idea. Replace incandescent with fluorescent lighting. They're brighter and last much longer (up to 10 times). Other appliances may also be energy black-holes, sucking up atrocious amounts of electricity. A tip: try looking for the energy star. Products with the energy star logo can be 20-30% more efficient than standard products. Energy star products range from appliances, computer monitors, even whole houses. It's true. Houses that meet the guidelines for energy efficiency can get this star.

Adapters can sometimes be used in place of the connectors. There are three types of adapters according to the kid of connection they facilitate. They include the DVI to VGA adapters, hdmi to vga adapters plus the VGA to SCART converters. However, one uses this adapters then the audio line will be connected separately.This facilitates the use of hdmi to vga cables as audio visual connectors.

Hopefully this series has helped you understand a little more about the basics of smart phones. If you have further questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via e-mail.