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Ever heard of Sunny Leone.. No?, well she actually is not an actress, nor is she a mainstream model endorsing an advert brand. Still wondering who she is? She is this years 5 Star Award Winning, smokin' streamate cams hot Pornstar who's making huge strides inside the Adult Entertainment Industry. Sunny Leone was also the XBIZ Award Winner (Web Babe Of The Year) in 2008, followed with two AVN awards this year for the most powerful all-girl group sex scene and Web Starlet of year. You might be shocked to understand that even Adult Entertainers are awarded for his or her career accomplishments. This is definitely not the first time which a XXX actress continues to be recognized, because porn industry has a fair level of award ceremonies occurring each year from within their respective society. Jenna Haze earned the 2009 PornstarGlobal 5 Star Award and is constantly on the make hit movie after hit movie. The 5 Star Awards give any hard working Performer the opportunity prove themselves as the cream in the crop inside the Adult Entertainment Industry. PornstarGlobal is the foremost pornstar database online currently with bio information of every adult entertainer from A to Z, including: male, deceased, and in many cases classic pornstars. This massive database is becoming an overnight viral sensation of sorts and it is the very first site to combine all fetishes into one gigantic place.

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