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Remember not so long ago when computer monitors were about two feet deep? They were about three or four times as thick as what we have today. The seventeen inch size is perfect for most purposes. If you watch a lot of TV and movies on your computer though, you might want one of the larger ones.

The screen that we have become used to, are nothing more than televisions, based on cathode ray tube technology. They take up space and are not very efficient. Fortunately, there is a much better alternative.

The differences come from the fact that DisplayBank and DisplaySearch are probably not accounting for the large transition in notebooks/PCs to touch screens as this is "new" information from CES this year. It was previously assumed that touch screens would not become too substantial in these devices as the cost was too high: Adding a touch screen to a laptop currently costs about $200-$400 to the end-user ($40-$90 for the ITO touch screen multiplied a few times for various margins). As an example, Sony just revamped its VIZIO T13 line to include touch screens. The base model increased from $770 to approximately $1,100. UniBoss will only increase the total cost by about $50-$150 to the end-user (an estimate given similar ratios).

However, color touch devices do more, and they do it in color. One can read magazines, illustrated children's books, color newspapers, play games, and surf the internet with these devices.

So those are the 3 main variances within computer monitors to consider when picking one out. There are, of course, other aspects people's preferences differ on, but those are simply for you to evaluate on your own.

John Cooney: We rarely recommend making a site wider than 1000 pixels, even if most desktop monitors have a resolution width of at least 1600 pixels. Most users will never even notice the width of your site, especially if it is well designed, unless it's too wide. If your site's too wide, users will definitely notice and will likely leave. Everyone hates to scroll horizontally.

I will focus on UniBoss, since it is the more exciting of the two products, although Diamond Guard could also potentially produce significant revenue. As in my previous article, I want to focus on two aspects: The opportunity and the risk.

To make your own banner stand out from the crowd, be creative. Don't be afraid to try different things to see what works. Just because you're promoting a business (cool training) doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. Be humorous. Be interesting and different. Create curiosity and you'll receive plenty of visitors from your banner advertising.