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The US President Barack Obama has dismissed the commander of the US forces in Afghanistan Gen Stanley McChrystal, ostensibly because of rude behavior, but in reality because a scapegoat was needed for an increasingly inept war effort. The latest developments give food for thought. The United States Army is bogged down in Afghanistan and the news is not encouraging. Even more difficult to obtain (in the realm of politics) are quality individuals who remain steadfast and unwilling to sell out themselves and our nation, if necessary, in exchange for short-term political gain.

Outstanding leadership -- both military and civilian -- is difficult to come by. I believe that Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest U. Wars wreak havoc in the world of politics. presidents of all time. Yet, within his own cabinet there was nearly constant dissension -- most of it driven by the political expediency of wanting what today would be defined as "better numbers in the polls. All of those of which I am aware certainly had their share of in-fighting and even skullduggery.

I think the Biblical stories of bringing down the walls of Jericho may relate to ultrasound or 'the lost chord'. There is no clear nation or alliance of city-states that existed before or after this truly horrific period or centuries of warfare that began with the ouster of Ariadne from Crete, if not before. We think natural gas was used in conjunction with phosphorus and other chemicals known to the agents during this war but that it didn't produce the kind of heat that vitrifies rock.

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