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As a CEO, Are You a supervisor or perhaps a Leader?

Peter J. Burns III - The CEO's job would be to be sure that the organization is increasing in value which the corporate strategy plan's being implemented so that growth may appear. The CEO may be the company visionary. He/she is really a leader that is always asking what else can be carried out to boost value and encourage growth. Unfortunately, in several companies / organizations, the CEO acts a lot more like a supervisor than he/she does a leader.

Let's contrast and compare a couple of aspects of as being a manager vs being a leader.

1) Managers supervise and control, Leaders plan and inspire.

2) Managers spend considerable time directing (giving orders) and achieving people directory incremental progress, Leaders encourage interactive communication and therefore are receptive to both positive and negative feedback.

3) Managers define themselves, even take pride, of having a lot of activity (talking on the phone, attending meetings, walking a floor, etc). Leaders are efficient and effective at getting things done and producing results, nevertheless they give attention to quality at work (i.e. the final results) as opposed to the quantity of activity. They always include time and energy to reflect and plan.

Peter J. Burns III - Of course there are lots of other categories / areas of comparison that may be looked over, however the above three represent a good start and obtain the idea across. The CEO really should not be somebody that is actually merely a manager having a better title plus a larger office, he should be somebody who is the company visionary and is always studying the "big picture" about the company's strategic growth. He should invariably be thinking about the possiblility to boost the company growth and valuation. After all, the CEO is accountable to the board of directors and also to the investors / shareholders, therefore it is in his welfare to continue to boost the value of the business.

If the directors do their jobs, chances are they have a competent set of managers in place to operate your day to day stuff. The CEO should be centered on planning strategy as well as on reflecting... big picture stuff, not hassling with the nuts and bolts of each little initiative.

Peter J. Burns 3 - Above are a few qualities which separate managers from leaders. Like a CEO, your job is to lead, not to manage. If your organization is going to grow to the full potential you need to ensure that you are leading your business in their efforts offer better services and products for your customers.