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Who Makes Our Top 10 List of Strategic Leaders?

After months of speculation along with a very high-profile halt in production, Jurassic Park 4 has now officially been titled Jurassic World. The Colin Trevorrow-directed film was set to spread out pick up, but was then removed from the schedule completely having an eye towards 2015. That time frame has held true, because it will enter the busy summer field on June 12th 2015, shot in 3D.

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Much like Telltale's Back to the Future series captures this wonderful time with the films that inspired it, Jurassic Park: The Game does a stellar job of reviving the spirit with the movies on which it's based. The events in Jurassic Park: The Game tell a narrative about events that occur concurrently with events inside first Jurassic Park movie'right after Dennis Nedry gets munched and lunched by Dilophosaurs.

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Despite the decade delay, it's really a safe bet that Universal has high expectations for 'Jurassic World.' Spielberg's 'Jurassic Park' earned $ million domestically in the opening weekend. The film proceeded to earn $967.2 million worldwide, topping Spielberg's own record for 'E.T.' The film also was recognized with three Academy Awards for technical achievement, for visual effects, sound mixing and sound editing.

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