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It raised her stock in the party, and earned her another promotion after the October election, to Shadow Treasury Minister. The first challenge to him came from Thatcher's friend, Sir Keith Joseph, who had concluded that every government since the 1950s shared the blame for Britain's decline because they had all overspent. Despite three election defeats, Edward Heath refused to stand down. She was uneasy about selling policies that had not been thought through, but did so anyway, with great zeal.

This was not popular, and increased suspicions that the government's reforms to the NHS were also a covert privatisation. The community charge, or poll tax, was not her idea alone, and initially promised to be popular in Scotland, where homeowners were scared by an upcoming revaluation of property for rates purposes; but her name became indissolubly linked to a policy that caused riots on the streets, and was rightly seen as a flagrant breach of the principle that taxes should not fall equally on the rich and the poor.

However, the single worst mistake that Thatcher made was to revive the old idea of abolishing the rates. After the 1987 victory, Thatcher also insisted on the more politically sensitive privatisation of the water industry. The vulnerability of the population for health problems is very high due to the prevailing circumstances. It is also natural for a country with a malnourished population, polluted environment and a population highly stressed up due to social problems to incur very high health costs, which is counter productive in all aspects.

In today's world it's only the increased productivity can make the living standards better for people. The circumstances of our living are immaterial if the population is empowered with real education, knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, it can achieve the objectives. One good example is the Israel. This leaves approximately 3000 square miles of arable land. According to 1999 statistics, Israel produces fruits and vegetables using this land for the six million domestic populations and also exports 1 billion USD worth of agricultural produce in a year to competitive European markets.

In Israel the total land area is 10,290 square miles. More than 50% of that remains deserts and another 20% is forest reservations and steep hills. Physical strength, intellectual quality, innovative ability had gone in to a decline from generation to generation. A nation, which had the intelligence to build architectural and irrigational wonders of the world, lost its vigor and vitality almost completely during this period.

Majority of the population became timid and humble before their white masters. We had been forced into a virtual coma for almost 150 years. The immediate recovery program was launched to increase the food production and change the eating habits back to pre World War II standards. It is a feeling of comfort to fill the stomach with quantity when anything better cannot be afforded. The Japanese government detected a sharp decline in the capabilities of its population compared to its pre World War II performance.

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