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It would have been nice to see an evolution of the dungeon management genre that takes things to the level of complexity of city-builders like Pharaoh or Zeus. I've got mixed feelings about this game, perhaps that's why I keep coming back to it.

Instead, the title is a low complexity strategy game with some real-time strategy mechanics, providing a fun experience if you're looking for something that could be described as a modern day Dungeon Keeper.

That's not to say that other skills don't dip their toes into it, of course—Fungal Arts has slime and mushroom familiars for you to summon, Fleshsmithing lets you reanimate enemy corpses as Zombys to fight for you, Killer Veganism, Bankster, and Psionics let you persuade enemies to fight for you, and Big Game Hunters can summon packs of trained hunting diggles The Promethean Magic skill set lets you summon a friendly Wyrmling The flavor text considers it to be cute.

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Since there is no way to change what skills you have after character creation (with the small and very rare exception of an item's enchantment offering extra levels in a crafting skill), this choice determines how the character will play throughout the game, and the order in which skill points are assigned is the only significant way the player has to develop the character, except for giving him equipment.

Essentially what happens is every 2 or 3 months Turbine releases an update that either completely alters the gameplay experience or breaks 3 or 4 old quests (or both), and they slowly hotfix about 50-75% of it (I've seen a Level 2 quest that's been around since before I started playing being unavailable for an ENTIRE update period! jpg/220px-Dungeons_and_dragons_poster.

Dungeons 2 is nowhere near the level I wanted it to be. ), and then they release a new update. Go dungeon-crawling all by yourself, and your small number of hit points will quickly be reduced to nothing by various monsters from slimes to the living dead to bugbears, buying you a trip back out of the dungeon and some experience debt-punishment for your foolhardiness, but at least your character doesn't get permanently wiped out like in traditional D&D (though options for hardcore rules might have been nice).

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