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NEW DELHI: Online and mobile ads posed most significant threats for IT security in 2010, cybersecurity Trend Micro told use latest report.

As per the report, cybercriminals posted advertisement online which got blended with legitimate ads possibly "due to shortage of proper vetting when submitted by ad networks."

When users click on these malicious advertisement, they "exploited vulnerabilities on-site visitors’ computers to search malware."

Malwares can steal details, password of users together with control entire device of what they get planted.

"Adware might be the top threat from your mobile phone category. Although Trend Micro has identified a mammoth five million Android threats to date, it’s predicting this might rise to eight million finally of this coming year," the report said.

In the enterprise space, Trend Micro said the healthcare sector was at biggest likelihood of cyberattacks, specially in iOS and Point of sales system applications.

Cybercriminals posted advertisement online on-line which got when combined legitimate ads possibly "due to insufficient proper vetting when submitted by ad networks."
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